Saturday, June 10, 2006

Nobody's Bitch

This is my favorite photo from the happy hour Thursday:

*Slaps Silhavy, and Robbie for good measure*

Okay, that out of the way, I wanted to announce that my former office mate, the smart-as-a-whip, sweet, funny, beautiful, outrageously sexy Denisey, who quit our miserable former employer with nothing else lined up a few weeks ago, has an awesome new job: a position of responsibility and respect, which from her description is very well suited to her abilities and intelligence.

I am so happy! Hooray for justice in the world! They had damn well better appreciate what they've got, or I'll go down there and kick some ass.

At one time, Denise and I were both "account managers" at the ol' hellhole. The title sounds fine but doesn't very well represent the actual position, which should really have been called "Everybody's Bitch." Our job was nominally to coordinate client services; but our real function was to run around futilely in circles, and to put together presentations and other sales materials for the higher-ups, who got all the money and freely dispensed all the blame.

A similar thing happened to my friend Trent: he was hired as a "Project Manager" and instead found he was, oh no! Everybody's bitch! He quit and is now running the internet department at the Corpus paper. He deserved so much better than what he got at our old employer. As did Denise, and Anita, and Lesli/ees, and my sweet crazy crackhead Jimmy, and Stephen, and me, and too many others to name; and as do one or two or three or four or five other people I still can't name since they haven't gotten out yet.

I hang onto the memories, although really at this point, Corpus Christi and the old job both seem vaguely unreal, like a bad dream. But I need to keep the contrast in order to appreciate my current job.

What I love and hate about my new job are the same things. There's no pressure, no deadlines, no urgency. I'm nobody's bitch - but what am I good for? Nothing I do seems to matter very much. Of course, as is pretty obvious, I have amazingly wonderful friends and a tremendous amount of fun. But I would like to have work to do - and work that actually matters, in some slighly larger picture, would be an added bonus.

Still: never, never, never underestimate the importance of being nobody's bitch. I have to hold onto that.

I'm envious of Denise's new position, and the responsibilities that she has, and the fact that her work has direct positive influence (she is working for a children's hospital).

But oh, I'm happy for her. She deserves everything good in the world.

It's a beautiful thing, being nobody's bitch. Now get your damn hand off my ass!


At June 10, 2006 10:27 PM, Blogger southboulevard said...

*removes hand from ass*


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