Sunday, May 14, 2006

Corpus Ho!

Does it make me a bad mom that I wasn't with my kids on Mother's Day because I was recovering from a wild night out at a gay bar in another city?

I'm here now - and fending them off so I can blog about it.

Here is the elegant hotel where I stayed, the Bayfront Plaza Hotel; note my equally elegant car parked in front of it.

Here is the view that woke me up at seven o'clock this morning because I forgot to close the curtains before collapsing into bed at four with some ill-advised Whataburger roiling in my guts. Yuck!

And here is the major chick magnet responsible for the festivities: my friend Omar, festooned with babes as usual. (l-r: Denise, Robin, Beth)

The gay bar actually had an awful lot of straight clientele, though there was a nice little drag show. We got down and drrrrrty on the dance floor, Denise and I, and a few male former coworkers who showed up later. Grind in the place where you work! I landed on my ass twice due to too much alcohol - not in me, though, but spilled on the floor. I was not wearing my most sensible shoes.

This morning I got up and strolled around downtown, taking pictures and being reminded of why - much as I miss my friends, and as good a time as I had with them last night - I am so overjoyed to be back in Austin.

Christ on a clipper! I'm so pissed I didn't pick up that "Wrong Way" sign in my shot. Would that not have been totally awesome? Damn it. Damn it!

Oh well. Happy Mother's Day! Guess I should go spend some time with my kids.


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