Tuesday, May 09, 2006


There's a girlfriend of mine who's had a, shall we say, "situation" at work, which led to the dismissal of a freaked-out crazy guy who honestly thought his behavior was perfectly reasonable.

Poor guy. Isn't that always the problem with being insane? You assume it's the rest of the world that's off-kilter. And seeing as how the world is often an unpredictable, frightening, and unfair place, how can anyone really be blamed for that?

Sometimes it's so confusing and scary that it's easier just to go with whatever it is that you'd most like to believe, evidence to the contrary be damned.

Do you worry about how much your wishes and fears color your perception of reality? Wouldn't it be so nice just to shut off the mental noise of constantly trying to overanalyze everything and worrying yourself sick trying to control things that don't matter that much, and just relax, just be?

Does anybody do this? If so, do you have any pointers you'd like to share?

Should I maybe switch to decaf?


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