Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Segue Away

You know, I go and write this achingly compassionate post yesterday about the poor guy who ruined his life without ever even realizing he was doing wrong, and today I get two visits to this post from people actually googling on the phrase "how to sexually harass."

Gosh. Hope I was helpful.

And speaking of sexual harassment, I saw the weirdest thing on the hike-and-bike today. This is going to be my second post containing grackle sex, so I hope nobody gets the idea I'm some kind of weirdo or anything. But there was a male grackle actually mounting a female right by the side of the trail, when a second male came swooping out of the sky, and in a move worthy of Bruce Lee, booted the first male RIGHT OFF the female in the process of landing next to her, then went into his puffy-feathered screechy mating dance!

Is that not just the tackiest? I absolutely could not believe it, and had to look around to see if Jerry Springer would come rushing up with a microphone.

And speaking of Jerry Springer, today I got word that yet another two people have just quit my former employer. That makes, let's see, three firings and four quittings (not counting me) in the five months that I have been gone. Maybe more, I could have missed one. It appears still not to have dawned on the president and the CEO that the problem might not be with everyone else.

And speaking of the president and the CEO at my former employer, I saw a big snake on the hike-and-bike today! It was so cool; this big black snake slithered right across the trail exactly as I was passing, so I had to step over him. No rattle, and his head wasn't triangular, so I figured he was harmless (unlike the president and the CEO of my former employer). He was big, though, at least four feet long.

I seem to have run out of segues, so that's it for now.


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