Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Rest of the Story

- yesterday morning, when the sponsored breakfast for the whole conference involved a skit for which they forced first-time attendees from the audience to participate in front of everyone.

We had to be a bunch of hungover fur trappers doing "YMCA" karaoke. Maybe you had to be there.

Yesterday there was a bunch of other stuff too, and today was the big day (for me anyway) with the high-profile events, and they went off flawlessly, but I am not claiming credit because the hotel staff here TOTALLY ROCKS, I am so serious, omigod you guys, you would not EVEN believe how awesome they are.


But you know, it's all over and I feel kind of let down. We've been working full-time on this since I started the new job. And now I will not be working with the host city contact anymore, or this hotel, and oh I don't know, it's kind of depressing. Unfortunately the dinner/dance (which the host city planned) quieted way down very early. Everybody's just exhausted, I think. I partied more last night. But the hospitality suite opens at midnight and I plan to go back down. And I did manage to get some dancing in, after making sure that the videographer had gone off duty.

It'll be good to go home tomorrow, and I don't think I'll go to Eeyore's this weekend, OR the Georgetown Red Poppy Festival, which those of you in the South Dallas region definitely need to check out; one of the coolest people in the world is involved in planning it and I bet it'll be awesome, maybe even as awesome as the staff of this hotel. Which, ooh! That reminds me! I met Robbie's coworker at the Travel Fair and she seems really cool, a very cute redhead (gentlemen prefer blondes, but Robbie apparently likes redheads better) but I was so exhausted I totally forgot to say "Psssha" to her. Honestly, it's the way I am after this week, I need to buy some peroxide.

See, they got a DJ downstairs who doesn't know how to read the crowd, is a big part of the problem. Anyway I will probably go back down and maybe wheedle another drink ticket out of my dear friend the CVB contact whom I may never see again (sniffle).

On the other hand, it is a Hawaiian luau-themed party, so yes: I have gotten leid while attending this conference. Thank you.

It's night. I'm never tired at night. It's the mornings that kick my ass.

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