Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Further Perspectives

We're watching Pirates of the Carribbean III: At World's End, or at least we're trying to. Katie can't find her nail polish. Anna spills her Kool-Aid. Eric walks in and out of the room past the TV screen. Mr. Bingo Kitten deposits part of a lizard on the arm of the sofa.

"Bingo!" I exclaim, exasperated, cleaning up the mess with paper towels. He scampers from the room and we resume watching the movie the best we can. Captain Jack and crew stumble upon a beached kraken on the shore. Bingo skitters sideways into the room and regurgitates a reptilian tail on the area rug. I sigh, exaggeratedly, though there's not much use trying to make cats feel guilty. I fetch more paper towels.

"Bingo would love that lizard!" laughs Anna, pointing at the monstrosity on the screen. "He would like to eat it. All up! And it would take years to clean up the pukey!"

Things could be a lot worse.

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work has been crazed but i would like to hang out sometime


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