Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Top Ten More or Less Rhetorical Questions of the Day

10. What do you do when the lucky bamboo you bought for your kitchen window gets too tall to fit?

9. Hi! How are you today?

8. What's with this overwhelming urge to flirt in French, which no one actually speaks besides Eric Idle?

7. Why - for God's sake, why do people persist in watching reality TV shows? I'm looking at you, Katie. Oh, wait, rhetorical questions - I forgot.

6. Tell me, who, who, who wrote the book of love? And can we file a class-action suit for misrepresentation?

5. Honestly. Did pussy go out of style? And why are men so weird? I guess this is actually two questions.

4. Or is it just one?

3. If a hotel's banquet event order specifies that a "pitcure" of water will be provided for your general session presenter, should you assume that means a "pitcher," or should you worry that the catering staff merely intends to taunt the thirsty speaker?

2. Did you know everything you needed to know in life by the time you were fifteen?

And the number one rhetorical question for today:

1. Playing dumb? Or just plain dumb?

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