Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Look Out, West Central Texas

I'm going to hit the road. My first business trip at the new job is coming up!

Business trips are the best - not that I've ever had to do too many. I did have back-to-back trips to Phoenix and then Cancun, keeping me away from home for two weeks, when I was 9-10 weeks preggo with Anna. I was pretty glad to come home, not least because in my condition, the trays of free fruity umbrella drinks being waltzed back and forth under my nose at conference functions every night were like torture. Could my timing have been any worse?

It could, actually. While working at the same job, I got a spectacular offer to go on an all-expenses-paid fam trip to Geneva. I've never been overseas, have always dreamed of going, and this trip was just made-to-order for me. The departure was scheduled for three days before my due date.

I should've gone anyway, and just told them I was an international watermelon smuggler. It could have worked.

This upcoming trip is just to San Angelo; but hey, it's somewhere I've never been, and it has three important things going for it:

1) KUT has a satellite station there.
2) Somewheres around in there is the hometown of a crazy boy I once knew, who made me feel like a goddess and compared me to Mark Twain. (Isn't that romantic? I'm assuming he was saying I'm funny, not hinting that I really needed to Nair the ol' girl-stache.)
3) I'm not knocked up.

So bring on the fruity umbrella drinks! If I down enough of them, I might be able to convince myself I'm in Switzerland.


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