Saturday, February 18, 2006

Cancer: I'm against it

Well, I guess they can't all be funny...

I've just been reading through my sister-in-law's blog about fighting leukemia. They've collected a couple of metric buttloads of stem cells from my husband, and she's going into the hospital tomorrow for intensive radiation. Basically the procedure (as I understand it) is to kill off all her defective bone marrow, then replace it with shiny new marrow grown from his stem cells. She'll be in the hospital for about a month.

And after the monster horrible ordeal is over? She's going to be okay, oh yes she is. She'd damn well better be, otherwise many of us, including her family, friends, and the readers of her extremely entertaining and well-written blog, are going to be PISSED.

I hate cancer. If you wanted proof that there was no God, look no further. Or at least if you wanted to disprove the "intelligent design" "theory." I'll give you semi-competent design, at best. I'd add that maybe God is a government employee, but I'm pretty sure that would be unconstitutional.

My sister-in-law, along with most of her family and probably most of her friends, are religious, so I'll just shut up about that, and send unqualified heretical well-wishes her way. Hang in there, Debby. Even godless heathens love you.


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