Monday, February 06, 2006

I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T!

Well, not smart enough to figure out why this *$&@$*^!#$ PC won't access my Yahoo! Mail login page - or a Hotmail or GMail login page, or MSN Messenger. But I have just discovered that I can get in a back way, through the signup for Yahoo! Photos. So I am not stuck without my email during two weeks while my husband (and, more importantly, his laptop) is in Houston. Wahoo!

He's gone to give stem cells for a bone marrow transplant for his sister, who's suffering from leukemia. I don't know much about this process. Apparently the stem cell technique is fairly new, and as you might imagine, a lot easier on the donor than the old method. He gets a series of shots over several days to boost his stem cell production; then blood is drawn and stem cells grown into marrow, and then the marrow is given to the recipient in what I can only imagine must be a completely horrifying procedure.

There's hope, though, that this will effect a cure. Of her six brothers and sisters (the family's Catholic, okay?) my husband was the only match for the transplant, and a 100% match at that. This is probably just because he's absolutely terrified of needles. The only way this procedure could be scarier for him would be if it involved horses or social awkwardness.

And when the cat's away, the mouse will - will - will not do anything. No, nothing at all!

But I will check my email regularly.


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