Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Further Aimless Ramblings

Well, damn. I was just IMing with a couple of friends from the former place of employment today, and found out Karen, the senior consultant whose team I was briefly on, got fired yesterday.

That poor woman. She really should have quit. She knew Tiffany had it in for her; everybody knew that.

Anyway, I suppose I'll get the complete scoop from my friends shortly.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch: Today at about 4:30, as one of my new coworkers was leaving, he stopped to say goodbye and asked what time I'd be going home. I said I was leaving at 5. He shook his head and remarked he didn't see how I managed to work that late...

And at 5 I left the office, walked home, fired up my IM and chatted with my former-coworker friends, who were still at work.

For the moment, the new apartment is not very nice. We've just moved from a 1700-square-foot house with a second living room and a two-car garage to an 1100-square-foot apartment with very little closet space. We seriously need to get rid of some stuff here. When a feng shui consultant has led a very bad life and has to go to hell, I imagine it must closely resemble this apartment.

I wonder if my cats were feng shui consultants in a former life? They are extremely anxious to go outside. I cannot let them out, for the manager may see them. This in itself is not the end of the world. He knows we have cats. There's only a problem if he can count, because we're only supposed to have two of them.

In order to digress, do you have to have had a point in the first place?


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