Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Say Goodnight, Gracie

Oh, man, it just hit me that my soon-to-be-ex-employer is probably going to want their laptop back. Rats!

So I may be offline for a while. I gave notice today; we're closed all next week, so my last day will be Friday. Or are we closed Friday too? I don't remember.

Currently the plan is for me to go up to Austin and stay with my sister the first few weeks at Shiny Happy New Job, which I start on January 2; and find a rent house for the whole famn damily while I'm there.

I thought Suzi would have a fit, but she was immediately and incredibly supportive. She said I'd better damn well keep in touch, or she'd be pissed. I was so grateful to her I almost cried (sigh).

Oh, man. How am I going to fit all my plants in the car?!?

Goodbye, Imperial Roman family-based company,
Goodbye, sales-oriented career path,
Goodbye, Corpus Christi,
Alas! farewell, dear laptop!
And goodnight, Gracie.


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