Thursday, December 22, 2005

Talk About Dedication!

What the hell kind of short-timer am I, anyway?!?

Well, I guess I am the kind of short-timer who's blogging rather than doing work - of which there is a-plenty. Still, I'll get to it in a few.

This morning I got in at 8am and found the door locked. A few minutes ago I heard some footsteps, but as far as I can tell I'm pretty nearly the only person here. Luckily, I have a key. I was never issued one. My former officemate has one, so a few months ago I borrowed it and made a copy.

And I was here until about 6:30 yesterday, and about that late Monday and Tuesday as well. And I'll be here tomorrow. I'll bet just about nobody will be here tomorrow.

We use MSN Messenger in the office. Do you know what I've always wanted to put as my tagline?

"So long, and thanks for all the fish."

If only more people were in the office to see it.


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