Friday, January 27, 2006

Life on High; Hold the Manic

This has been a damn good week.

Much of our stuff is now unpacked. We're getting close to the point where I should just take any remaning unpacked boxes straight to Goodwill, post haste; we are about out of room here. Anybody want some coffee mugs, martini glasses, cookie sheets, tax files or baby pictures? How about a cat? Slappy White may be a little - shall we say, aromatic; however, if you're in the market for someone to sit on you and lick your nose at 3am, you need look no further, my friend.

Work has been fun - I have been settling in and learning to shake off the miasma of terror I had come to expect as a routine component of my workday. You know - sometimes they're not out to get you? That is a novel concept, I tell you what.

It's actually been a very slow week as far as work goes. The project we're working on - which is the only task the two other new people and I have been trained to take on at this time - has been on hold for most of the week, meaning that we've largely been showing up to do nothing. This would be okay if we were allowed regular internet access, or for heaven's sake, at least could download a decent solitaire game.

God knows I am not complaining! I've just been a little bored, is all. I'm a bit of a doodler (in kind of the same way that the Marquis de Sade enjoyed a little spanky now and again), so what I've done with the idle time is illuminate the month of January on my desk calendar in a gloriously medieval monsastic fashion. Seriously, I may frame it and hang it up somewhere in the apartment. I've got some spare wall space.

The highlight of my day is always the walk along the hike and bike trail, a social as well as exercise outlet, the catalyst for catapulting me to my 15 minutes (give or take) of home-grown Austin fame, unquestionably the most joyful experience of my week. I could not be more honored if I'd won the Pulitzer. Now where the hell's my cash prize?


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