Sunday, February 19, 2006

Spring is in the Air?

Thank goodness it's miserably freezing in Corpus today too, otherwise I might regret the move.

Ha ha! No I wouldn't. I never will. Hell, at this point, my life could fall apart and everything could go wrong and I would still refuse to regret the move, purely as a matter of principle.

Why not? That seems to be the way so many people operate...

You know your blog's headed south (no pun intended*) when you feel so desperate to post a day's entry that you write about the weather. I mean, come on. The weather? But you gotta admit that weather is weird. Thursday was a gorgeous, low-80's day. I took my lunchtime walk on the hike-and-bike trail and reveled in the sweet sense of newness and hope, bursting forth in a glorious promise of spring buds, just beginning to appear fresh and green on the branches.

Suckaz! It's been in the 30s all weekend.

In happier news, Woode Wood was kind enough to give me a heads-up that my beloved Stereolab is coming to La Zona Rosa March 24. Yeeeee! Squeeeeee!!!! Jumping about and bouncing off things!!!!!!!!!!! I love Stereolab! Love them. I think I might love them as much as I do Bach... I know, heresy; and I understand that many music aficionados are thereby required by Federal law to beat me over the head with a rubber fish for saying so. But I do, I love them. The intricacy of line and harmony, the warmth, the seamless marriage of innovation and tradition, the silky vocals, the precision, the beauty - I will say it's Bachlike; I will. Try and stop me. And you know what? You can't argue with me, because I moderate comments.

As an added bonus, late March weather in Austin is generally spectacular.

*Here you say, "None taken." God, I'm funny.


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