Sunday, November 02, 2008

Halloween Pictures

Here, my baby sister Jessica demonstrates the importance, which can never be overemphasized, of well-thought-out accessorizing.

Isn't she clever? She does seem to be in violation of the thigh-highs-and-stilettos rule; but then again she's in Connecticut, where I don't think you can even have legs between September and April.

And here's my cousin Ivan:

This costume is so perfect for him. All the guys in my dad's family are definitely mild-mannered, easygoing and have a great sense of humor; but they're also very strong, principled, steady, and noble. So what could be more fitting than an exploration of the Clark Kent-Superman dichotomy? Not only is it profound and thoughtful, you also don't have to muck about with the cape.

While we're posting pictures, look! My bromeliad is blooming!

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At March 03, 2009 8:20 PM, Blogger Jessica said...

yay bethy, i just found this (i'm catching up on your blog)... i WAS actually wearing stiletto heels for my sarah palin costume (what she lacks in an actual political education she more than makes up for in expensive fashion accessories)... unfortunately i didn't get to your previous post until now, so was clearly badly misinformed as to the rules of attire... am now much better educated. thanks!


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