Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Both Ends

When I got back to my desk from afternoon break on Friday, there was a sticky note on my chair from my boss, which read "See me ASAP!!!" This is never good.

It turned out we had some emergency last-minute changes to our itinerary for this trip; yesterday they developed further, and now we'll be heading back a day earlier than anticipated. So we're changing people's flight arrangements and trying to find hotel accommodations and travel finances and stuff like that.

Actually, they're handling most of it back at the office, but I did have to meet with our contacts last night to go over the changes, after the day's activities were over - hence the fun little gathering over drinks at the dance hall - and I still need to notify all the attendees today and coordinate things from their end.

I have the CUTEST room tonight. Last night. Whatever. It has a charming Swiss-chalet design with a little living area downstairs, with a day bed; the bathroom is downstairs too. Upstairs is an adorable big bedroom with a nice soft king-sized bed on an iron bedstead, cathedral ceilings, wood floors, and a little balcony overlooking the garden.

Downstairs, the floor is flagstones and the ceilings are pressed tin. The bathroom has a claw-footed tub and lace curtains. It's just beautiful! And there's free wi-fi, to boot.

But when you wake up at 4:30 needing to pee, having to navigate the stairs down and back up, when you've got lots of stuff on your mind, means you're not getting back to sleep.

Oh well. Hopefully I can make up for it tonight. Or tomorrow night. Whatever.

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