Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day One

"IKEA," said someone at dinner tonight, "is just like Bed Bath & Beyond, times a million. On crack."

That should totally be their official motto.

So I am on the road for a week, starting today; and so far it's going marvelously, I must say. The only quibble I have is that the internet in my hotel room costs $11.95 a day. I'm staying somewhere else tomorrow night; hopefully it's free there, but for now, I'm reduced to clacking away on a very noisy keyboard in the business center, which resembles a large closet, only with more mirrors.

Today I learned that the big pokey thing sticking out of City Hall is designed to resemble an armadillo's tail. Did you know that? I didn't. We also saw a zombie parade marching up Congress as we headed to the Capitol. Many of them were carrying protest signs. "Undead? Yes! Unperson? No!" read one.

How cool is that, to have a bunch of people come from out of town and there just happens to be a zombie parade going on? I love Austin!

Also today I got to put my arm around a great big boy cow with curly horns. There's something I've never done before!

It's not that late and I'm not very tired and I sure wish there were internet in my room. There's one a them TV things, though; I hear they show shows, and lots of people quite enjoy them. Maybe I'll try that out. Or maybe just a nice hot bath and try to get some sleep. It'll be a busy week.

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