Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Suffusion of Yellow

Surprise! I'm in Amarillo!

Well, at least it's a surprise to the people my boss and I came here to see. I personally was not all that surprised, though I was surprised enough to neglect to bring a camera. That wasn't really so much a matter of surprise as it was of the house being very dark and everyone being asleep when I left, and the camera probably being under Katie's bed, full of yet another 872,564,931 MySpace vanity shots.

My boss picked me up at the office at 6 this morning, and we flew Southwest to Amarillo via Dallas-Love Field. I'm not as afraid of flying as I used to be, for a few years, but am still deeply distressed by turbulence, which I'm pretty sure is caused by malevolent airborne demons who grab the plane by its wings and bounce it up and down. I was sitting next to my boss, at that, so I had to act calm: never let them see the whites of your knuckles.

The sky seems unnecessarily large here, but at least it's nice and cool - and it's a dry cool, too. The geography is interesting. Our mapping group at work depicts the Amarillo area as dotted all over with small, ovoid lakes - or ponds - or puddles might be a better word. But from an aerial you just see that the ground has lots of strange little wet depressions. What's up with that?

The best part of the trip so far was flying over Palo Duro Canyon, which rips through the otherwise featureless landscape just to the east as if some monstrous creature had clawed the smooth flat earth open. Also, I think I might have recognized, from the air, a couple of towns with highways whose designations I worked on. So I guess I know the area better than I realized. Or else it's just that, if I worked on highways in two towns in the vicinity of Amarillo, and I saw two towns in the vicinity of Amarillo out my airplane window, the statistical likelihood of it being the same two towns is pretty darn high. There isn't a lot out here.

There is, however, a hotel with actual working free wi-fi (remind me to post a good review of the Ambassador; it seems to have gotten some bad rap lately) and a steakhouse. Huzzah!

Ooh, and the bed is nice and soft and amply bedecked with pillows. Thank God. I was up before asses even had cracks.

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At July 30, 2008 7:12 PM, Anonymous dreadpir8roberts said...

I believe they are called "Playas". To quote, "The largest concentration of playa lakes in the world (nearly 22,000) is on the Southern High Plains of Texas and Eastern New Mexico."

A lot of them are considered to be wetlands and they are important for migratory birds.

Since the remnants of Hurricane Dolly just went through that area, I would expect that a lot of them are now full and visible.

At July 30, 2008 10:32 PM, Anonymous RDub said...

With that now being known, watch out Elizabeth. A pretty, redheaded gal like yourself needs to watchout with so many playas in the neighborhood.

At July 30, 2008 11:04 PM, Blogger Cheryl's BITCH! said...

Ugghh he is SOOO G-A-Y !!! lol

I will be up there next week. Too bad you won't be there with me. BTW..where are you staying at? We don't get to fly.. we are driving


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