Sunday, July 27, 2008

Day Trip to South Dallas

Georgetown is a cute little city, but it closes on Sundays. Go on Saturday instead.

Closed or not, I had a good time today with Robbie, who took me for a bit of sight-seeing, and indulged me with a spot of shopping at Payless, where I picked up a cute, yet sensible pair of ballet flats. We also visited the big-box mega pet store so we could buy something his wiener could play with.

I never really noticed before how closely dog toys can resemble, um, other kinds of toys. Bill, I asked Robbie to take this picture for you - maybe it's not the one you were looking for, but it really might as well be.

I liked the old Williamson County jail, now in service as a public health building, and looking pretty much the way a place you take your children for free vaccinations should look - at least from the kids' point of view:

We tried to go for iced coffee, but every place that wasn't Starbucks was closed. So we went back to Robbie's and drank ice water and watched a movie on cable instead.

But at least Robbie's wiener was happy.

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At July 28, 2008 6:20 PM, Anonymous dreadpir8roberts said...

Minty Fresh center? I'll take two!


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