Saturday, July 12, 2008

Good Will Shopping

Katie, Eric and I went to Goodwill today. Katie wants 70s garb for her roller skating party, since it's only 3 months away. Eric needs some respectable-looking pants, in case he gets a job, or at least an interview. And I need something professional to wear to Waco next week.

There's a sentence you don't get to read every day.

None of us were entirely successful. I bought a flirty little top with outrageous d├ęcolletage, Katie inexplicably picked out fur-lined boots and a sweater, and Eric found nothing at all. Apparently they were fresh out of pants.

Ah, but we did find this:

The best thing about it is the American flag pin, which seems to suggest that if you don't like this jacket, you must hate your country. Nice try, but no reasonable person would ever disagree that wearing this garment would be little short of an act of terrorism in itself; and in fact, putting a flag pin on it is roughly equivalent to using the real thing to wipe your, um, nose.

It's at the Lake Austin Blvd. location, if you're interested. You might want to hurry.

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