Thursday, July 31, 2008


"I think I'll come into the office late tomorrow," said my boss at about 8:30pm, as we embarked on the final, somewhat delayed leg of our trip from Amarillo back to Austin. "You might want to do that too."

"Oh, okay, if it's all right. Maybe I'll come in about 9," I said.

"That's fine," she told me. "Or 10. Whatever."

That sounds like a plan. What's more, I think I'll drive.

We finished up our inspection today. The fun part of the inspection entails examining the building's interior, exterior, and grounds for upkeep. The less fun part is making sure all the paperwork is in order. But a lot of our time was spent visiting with the staff, which was very pleasant - and part of the job too; we are supposed to gauge employee morale and workplace relations.

Because if they're not good, the beatings will continue.

We flew back over the canyon again on our way out, so I pointed it out to my boss. She seemed mildly interested. I don't know why I've always been so fascinated by maps and the way the earth works. I've always loved exploring. There's a small playa (thank you!) on the grounds of the facility we were inspecting. Yesterday when we went over the grounds, it was almost full. This afternoon it was just a damp depression in the grassy ground.

Very careless of them, I must say, losing all that water. So we docked 'em.

My boss, though, didn't seem to find this overly interesting. Nor, when we descended into Austin tonight, was she glued to the window, to stare at all the beautiful ribbons of moving lights, wrapped around houses and fields and lots and buildings, like a huge glittery beautiful perfect Christmas present just for us, and try to figure out exactly what we were passing over. How could you not?! Nonetheless, I quite like her - more and more the better I get to know her. And I think she really is genuinely happy with my work and the role I'm taking on in my group, and I'm so glad, so glad.

Oh, but it's so nice to be home, tonight, and not have to worry about getting to work early tomorrow. So I am having a glass of wine and relaxing. Having a wonderful time... wish you were here...

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