Monday, September 10, 2007

Too Much Money

One of the cool things about living in Travis Heights is that Robert Redford shows up in your mailbox and tries to sell you $55,000 vintage motorcycles.

No, really!

I hope somebody does buy this stuff, otherwise it's kind of sad for Robert Redford to have given up a successful film career (well - if you don't count 'An Indecent Proposal') just to write overwrought copy and look intense on the inside front cover. After all, anybody can do that. Why, even I can write overwrought copy and look intense! See?

I enjoy receiving catalogs full of products whose most spectacular feature is the price tag. I got another one last week, from Calico Corners, who deal largely in upholstery, and who cheerfully list fabrics that cost upwards of $75/yard as if this were no big deal.

And the furniture! How about an ottoman for $632? That's probably more than my car is worth.

On the other hand, if I bought the Indian motorcycle, I wouldn't have to worry about my wheels being outpriced by some frigging footstool anymore. If I can parlay my writing into a successful film career, I'll be able to afford it.

Or maybe I'll just sleep with Robert Redford and become indecently rich.

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At September 11, 2007 7:46 AM, Blogger Annie in Austin said...

Beth, did you happen to see the 'World's Fastest Indian' movie? That was an Indian motorcycle from around 1920 - maybe the ad is aimed at Anthony Hopkins fans?



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