Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why You Shouldn't Take Cold Medicine

Do you suppose anybody's ever made coffee by filling up the coffeemaker with cream instead of water? Do you think that would be gross? When it was finished, you'd add water and sugar to it. You'd have to buy a new coffeemaker every day, of course. So you'd probably want to be fairly wealthy. Just a thought.

I think I'm going to see my doctor today, because yesterday my cube neighbor told me she just got diagnosed with strep. I thought it was just a cold but my throat's going all achy and this morning I sound like Kojak. So I think I'll see if I can get in with Dr. Norris, even though his first name isn't Chuck.

Why isn't Chuck Norris my doctor? Not my lady doctor - that would be awkward - but my GP. Wouldn't that be great? You'd never get sick. Viruses wouldn't dare infect you. They'd know Chuck Norris would kick their ass.

I'm going to work! Bad idea? Let's find out!

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