Monday, February 25, 2008

Mille Regretz

It's the title of a Josquin Desprez song. Josquin was Flemish, but dollars to doughnuts he occasionally had a little Walloon in him.

Well, just a guess.

I did something very bad, and last night I dreamed that they came to take me away - whoever "they" might be - and arrested me and led me off in handcuffs. They wouldn't tell me what for. And they didn't just cuff me behind my back, as you might expect. I had to hold my hands cuffed together, arms extended full length up over my head; so as they pushed me along, across the base (campus?), no one could possibly miss the fact that I was being taken away in restraints. I whined about it later to anyone who would listen, but actually I'm pretty sure I had it coming.

"In Bruges" was a pretty good movie and you get to see a lot of beautiful Belgian scenery, but other than that, I wish I could just hit "undo" on Sunday altogether.



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