Monday, February 18, 2008

Good vs. Evil: Sleep Edition

Ever notice how there are good naps and evil naps? Good naps, you drift off quickly and wake up about an hour or so later feeling refreshed. Evil naps, you kind of lie there feeling woozy and not quite asleep and restless. Occasionally you wake yourself up by drooling. Then you feel like a zombie until bedtime.

I like the good kind better.

It was a good one today, thanks principally to my dear friend Tony who took me to IKEA and fed me Swedish meatballs and macaroni and cheese. Ambien can bite my ass: Swedish meatballs are the shit! And I needed it, because tonight is the opening night for our version of "The Bucket List" at the Alamo South. They've broken up the contest entrants into groups, and our group airs this evening. My brother-in-law, Baby Jeffy (aka Jack Nicholson) is up from San Antonio for the occasion. Man, it's so loud in here!

Naptime is certainly over, at any rate.

So anyway: After checking out some of the competition, I don't think we're very likely to win the contest, but I do think we ought to make it to the finals, which is plenty good enough for me. I'm really looking forward to seeing how a theater audience reacts to our movie, which was finally submitted on a DVD, and looks and sounds a lot better than the one online.

"Looking back," says Baby Jeffy at the moderate shout which passes for an inside voice in my in-laws' family, "I didn't do all that good a Jack Nicholson."

Looking back, I think the worst mistake we made was picking "The Bucket List" to remake, because it's not even advertising anymore, and hardly any theaters are now playing it, and I'm wondering who will even know what the hell our remake is about? So maybe newly-opening, star-studded crapfests are not the best picks for this kind of contest.

I have to work in the morning. I hope I'll have slept off tonight's effects by then.

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