Saturday, November 10, 2007


I had the nicest email today from someone I used to work with in Corpus. She isn't someone I knew all that well, but I liked her; she was clearly overqualified for her job, but still friendly and easygoing, pleasant to deal with, and always on the ball with her work.

So naturally they fired her.

We haven't been in touch, so she sent me a recap of the past two years. She had a baby shortly before I left and has been doing the at-home momtrepreneurial thing - Avon, in her case, though she said she really doesn't feel she's much of a saleswoman. And she asked how I was, if I was happier than I had been in Corpus, and if my new job was going well.

What a nice email to answer while sitting on the front porch of my comfortable (if not very clean) house, smack-dab in the center of my favorite city in the world. "I have lots of good friends at work here," I told her, "only they keep quitting." Which is such a shame, you know. Some people have just never acquired any real sense of how nice it is not to be employed by sociopaths.

The sun is low, almost setting: so early! but it's too beautiful out not to feel lucky to be here: warts, panicmongers/obfusc8rs, silly internet use policies, weekly status reports, and all.

Let's just hope I can refrain from buying any Avon.

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At November 17, 2007 8:11 PM, Blogger x-Black-Lotus-x said...

Yeah it's truly pleasant to get e-mails from dear old friends... Nice article :) by the way; Have a nice day ;)


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