Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm from Alaska!

This post guest-written by Magda Silhavy

My brothers Edwin, Dumas and I (and a few distant cousins) went to see 30 Days of Night today. It's not really my kind of film - I generally prefer movies without quite so much decapitation - but I had to see how our hometown would fare. I haven't been home in so long! It's been months since we snoeshoed merrily along the lanes, waving cheerfully to our neighbors, cold but happy, our bellies full of Nyuk-Nyuk's delicious polar bear stew, not a care in the world.

I tell you what, we leave for a few months and the whole place goes to hell.

It didn't look quite right, though. Of course the long night casts unfamiliar shadows over everything, and the vampires and all the screaming were a bit distracting. But where was City Hall? Where was Nyuk-Nyuk's house? And our houses? And the historic district, where Dumas wants them to build a Super Wal-Mart? And where was Barrow High???

(Goooooo Pharaohs!)

They weren't there, and I'll tell you why: It was filmed entirely in New Zealand!

Outrageous, but at least it clears up the question of what strange language the vampires were speaking. It must have been Maori.

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