Monday, October 22, 2007

Half Crazy

If you sometimes need to take a mental health day, and I needed one today, but I only took a half-day, does that mean I'm only half-crazy? Or look on the positive side. I'm half-sane!

Robbie sent me a picture of his desk phone at his new job. It looks just like the ones we used to have at USDM! They have speakerphones, caller ID, hold buttons, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, all kinds of crazy shit. Can you imagine? They get to use the internet any time they want, as long as they get their work done! And, if they sometimes have to leave early, it's no big deal because they're salaried, with the understanding that every so often they'll have to work late to finish a project or attend an important meeting. As long as nobody's skipping out early on a regular basis, and everybody's job is getting done, everything's copacetic. I mean, my God. It almost sounds like - I don't want to make anybody faint here - but it sounds almost like the people in charge believe the employees are responsible adults!!!

Crazy, isn't it?

Also crazy was last night's cold front. It's been cool enough at night, the last week or so, to sleep with the windows open, which is nice except that Dave and other woodland animals are scampering, scuttling and crunching around in the leaves and grass in the backyard, which always makes me think that bad guys are lurking right outside the window. And of course, as close to South Congress as we are, it's entirely possible there are a few drunken bassists on the loose back there. But last night, around 3:30am, I woke to a deafening roar of sudden wind and rain. Do you know how they always say an approaching tornado sounds like a freight train? I assume they mean minus the horn, but it was loud enough to freak me out a little. I was glad my street is fairly low on the hill that slopes down to the creek; this morning, all my plants seemed to have survived, but every street in the neighborhood was littered with sodden leaves and branches and debris.

Ongoing rain and the sudden chill pretty much scuttled my plans of riding my new bike to work this morning. Ain't she purty?

That's a very kind early Christmas present from my dad. I haven't gotten to the store to buy a U-lock yet, which is why, you may observe, the bike is on the inside of my house.

I was at sixes and sevens without Robbie there, so for lunch I just came home, where I found all four cats blissfully cuddled up on the bed, snoozing off the cold and rainy weather, and realized it was absolutely necessary for me to brew up a fresh pot of coffee and join them.

What? I'm not crazy.

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At October 23, 2007 6:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope things get better. Dont forget, you CAN email back and forth still and I don't plan on moving to Dallas so I should be able to hang out way down there in San Antonio.

I miss my morning coffee :-(


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