Sunday, July 22, 2007


Hey. Do you ever look around you and imagine that the you of three, or five, or ten or however many years ago is looking out through your eyes, wondering at the present? I've done this for as long as I can remember. I don't know if it's a mechanism for getting perspective on life, or just daydreaming. Perhaps I'm insane.

Today I was sitting on the front steps and looking over the yard and the street with my Corpus eyes. It's hilly! We must not be in Corpus anymore. Standing up and gazing down the length of the block, I can see the street signs at the intersection and instantly realize exactly where I am. Travis Heights! Not only am I out of Corpus, I'm living in Travis Heights!

Well, this is good news.

Sometimes I look with first-day perspective on the friendships I now have at work. Or sometimes me-as-a-new-mommy looks out and is amazed at how much the kids have grown, only not so much when Katie's been watching reality TV all damn day.

Because, you know, I only do this for things I consider to be improvements over the past. I never look at something I'm unhappy with and imagine my younger self saying, "Well, this totally blows." Apparently I'm trying to impress myself.

So am I a freak? Just wondering.


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