Friday, December 02, 2005

Plan B from Outer Space

Well, I found out what Plan B was.

After much background scheming, manipulation, lying, conspiring, whispering, and sneaking about behind Karen's back, this morning my transition to Suzi's team was made official - to Karen's complete shock.

Suzi announced in our staff meeting this morning that she'd like to thank Karen for allowing me to move over to her team. Karen looked as if she'd been hit by a bus.

She doesn't think I knew anything about it. She's feeling bad - for me - because she believes I was manipulated into this as much as she was.

After the staff meeting she called up Suzi to have an emergency meeting to discuss the transition. She ended up getting very emotional, loud, and angry, shouting at Suzi, to the point that Tiffany stepped in and shouted at her (and Tiffany, oh, she can shout at people, yes indeedy she can).

Karen's been in tears ever since, everybody's shouted and yelled and there's been a huge scene, and nobody got mad at me because Magda and Suzi protected me and didn't tell Karen I was even in on it. Tiffany apparently didn't have any idea I was in on it either.

So how, again, do I hold myself up as being any better than anyone else here?


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