Saturday, December 27, 2008

Leave It

As we were at dinner tonight, at Dick's Last Resort on the Riverwalk (don't ask), this song came on:

Naturally it's on my iPod, now. But I wanted to share this with you.

My junior year at UT, I lived in a vegetarian, clothing-optional housing co-op on West Campus, so you can just imagine what that was like. One of the guys fronted a Celtic band. One very ambitious night, he told us, when he and his bandmates were in an alcoholically- and herbally-enhanced state of mind, they decided to cover this song.

They were not, from what he said, overly successful. Or they were about half successful. They got the words and the rhythm down pat, he said. But the actual notes were all over the place.

I happen to think this is an excellent metaphor for life, especially in San Antonio, plus I'm extremely tired from being verbally and emotionally abused and made to wear a silly hat, then spending two hours in a parking garage. But it's still a great song. Enjoy!

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At December 30, 2008 10:40 PM, Blogger Noemi said...

It is a great song, but I'm holding you responsible for the fact I ended up downloading a bunch of other music when I went to iTunes to find this song.


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