Friday, May 23, 2008

Resistance Is Useless

Checking, verifying, and updating information in our branch's evacuation reference manual is not the most exciting work I've ever done. Then I went out and ate a heavy lunch today, instead of going for a walk. I'm having an extremely hard time concentrating.

So it's a really good thing I've found Buddha.

This, however, is no ordinary Buddha: this is a magic 8-ball Buddha, which I got for my birthday. If you ask this Buddha a question, then turn him upside down and shake him, enlightenment floats up towards you from the liquid blue depths of his butt.

This is about as much sense as religion generally makes.

You don't really want to ask the Buddha any terribly concrete questions, because all the answers are vague - I hate to call them evasive. Ask him if your true love loves you back, and he answers "Free your mind." Ask whether you'll finish a big project by deadline: "Meditate on it," he says. Will you have a fun weekend? "In your next life."

Well, dang.

So here I am, it's four o'clock, and I have another hour to slog through, not getting much done. Look at that Buddha. I wonder if "Earlobes Working Overtime" would make a good band name?

"Resist evil," says the Buddha.

I think that means I need to get back to work.

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