Thursday, January 31, 2008


People who don't like cats often say it's because cats make them feel inferior. Cats are uppity, you know - always thinking they're smarter and better, more refined, much cooler, more graceful and elegant, less oafish than humans. Right?

This has been a public service announcement for humankind.



At February 01, 2008 5:04 PM, Blogger Tommy Korioth said...

Re: Kids in the Hall

"No, no, that wasn't it," he went on, "it was a big controversy, people were picketing theaters..."

I was a little exasperated. "Citizen Kane, it was Citizen Kane!"


I need two guys in a van, they pick you up and take you to the hospital. . .

No, not an ambulance. I need uh. . . you know. . . they are trained in first aide. . .

No, not an ambulance. . .


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