Thursday, July 24, 2014

Death and Income Taxes

So, about mortality - a topic which may have come up before:

How do you handle coming to grips with ultimate oblivion? Is it something you're cool with? See, I continue to have trouble figuring out the whole thing, despite the fact that at this point I have pretty much the whole entire 1980s on my iPhone in iTunes form (thanks, Obama).

My job description now requires a bachelor's degree in "business, communications, engineering, or a related field," whatever that means. It does not, according (initially) to our Human Resources Division, mean a degree from the University of Texas in Rhetoric and Writing. I had to write a justification they'd accept to explain that "Rhetoric and Writing" counts as communications. The fact that I succeeded, I feel rather strongly, ought to be good for at least a few hours' credit. It is not.

I am grandfathered in (despite my abundantly evident youth and femininity) to my job, even though I don't possess the required bachelor's degree. But I can't advance any further in my career. As a cyclist, I know a lot about getting doored, but apparently it's also possible to get ceilinged. Who knew?

The flood of memories associated with going back to school has come as a bit of a surprise. Hello, the dreams about forgetting it was finals day and what the hell is my locker combination again?? Hello, the dreams of forgetting the class schedule until midterms... when I suddenly show up dressed in what I thought was a bath towel, but it turns out was just a washcloth??? Why are all my teeth falling out????

There is much more to write, if I ever get around to collecting my thoughts (which I will most likely have to as I am taking an Advanced Writing course at UT this fall) about the human experience, dealing with concepts of mortality, and how selfies with cats often involve unfortunate red-wine teeth stains. But I'm not getting a grade for this post so bite me.

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At July 25, 2014 3:32 PM, Anonymous crosspalms said...

I wish I had a nickel for every time a rhetorician says "bite me." No such luck, so I guess I'll have to keep working. I like the picture. You look pretty chipper for someone musing about mortality, and your cat looks as though he/she snoozed through the worry about total oblivion. Where would we be without cats?

At July 26, 2014 6:04 PM, Blogger Beth said...

Worrying about oblivion, red wine, and blogging might not be the best combination. You're absolutely right that "bite me" is almost always used rhetorically. If people took it literally as often as cats do, it would probably have the effect of shutting up some rhetoricians and therefore be no bad thing. :)


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