Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Send In the Warms

Holiday weekend coming up, and it should be a beautiful one. Time to get outside!

But not tonight. Tonight I am bundled up with flannel PJs, a bathrobe on the back of me, a Snuggie on the front of me, a blanket over my lap, and a couple of cats in my hair. The plants are all inside or covered with blankets. All the faucets are dripping. I am so over this.

Here's a nice, warm image: this mural stands at the entrance to an interpretive exhibit at McKinney Falls State Park, on Onion Creek in southeast Austin. It shows typical examples of people who have frequented the area through the ages, past and - well, not quite as past.
Any time now I expect to go back there and see a guy in a fedora and skinny jeans to the woman's right.

I wonder who she was? Presumably, somebody modeled for that painting. Hope she's keeping warm.

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