Saturday, April 25, 2009


We knew we were whipped when the yellow bus smacked themselves on the ass and started singing: "Don't you wish your bus was HOT like us? Don't you wish your bus was a FREAK like us? Don'tcha!" and then, when they snapped on their sunglasses in perfect unison and started walking like an Egyptian and the audience started yelling and howling, it was pretty much all over.

The green bus was still awesome anyway. So here, since I published this last year, was this year's cheer. I won't tell you what tune it was sung to.

(Clapping) Left my good job at the center,
Traveled on down to San Angelo,
(snapping)Met a lot of people,
Ate a lot of good food,
San Angelo's been so happy to give!
(rolling hands) Green bus keep on turning,
Good times keep on burning;
(rolling hands and pointing to the guys as they sing) Rolling! (Guys sing "Rolling!") Rolling! (Guys sing "Rolling!") Rolling down the Concho!
Rolling! (Guys sing "Rolling!") Rolling! (Guys sing "Rolling!") Rolling in San Angelo! (Guys sing "Rolling in San Angelo," deep and slow, as we girls sink to our knees before them and fan them with our jazz hands.)

Don't you wish you'd been there to see it? Don'tcha?!

But the blue bus just sucked.

Anyway, it's over, it's done, I'm back, it was a success, and I had a blast. Now it't time to start getting ready for hurricane season. Meanwhile, off to Eeyore's Birthday Party to sell some beer! Film at 11.

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