Sunday, September 28, 2008

Playing Dress-Up

It came to me in a blinding flash today: I know exactly what to be for Halloween! It's cool, it's clever, it's original, it's sexy, it's cheap, it's funny, and aside from possible damage to the floor, it's even practical. I can't wait!

Margie and I parked at my building and walked down Congress to Electric Ladyland today - or is it Lucy in Disguise? I can never remember which. I never enjoy this store as much as I feel like I should, though it's very cool, and their boot selection always leaves me drooling. But it's close and crowded and hectic, and I think professionally-made costumes all look alike. I've always preferred piecing outfits together from what I could find in the back of the closet. Of course, this means I almost always go as a gypsy. But what's wrong with that?

Once, when I was very little and my mom happened to be enrolled in a belly-dancing class, I got a homemade belly-dancer costume, and some coaching on moves, too. It was way better than the year before when I had to be the Frankenstein monster. The longing to be pretty starts very, very young, I'm sorry to say.

Margie and I went for lunch at Freddie's, which I have to say is much closer than I had realized. I'll never drive there again! Then we strolled back to the car, but having nowhere in particular to go, I introduced her to the Three-Martini Break Spot. "Why don't you just take break at the picnic table over by your building?" she asked.

"Well, we do," I said, "now. But this is our original spot. This place is legend."

"I see," she said.

Well, she didn't, even though I told her the story of the Smoker Wars (and it may interest any 3MBG members reading this to hear that, not only were there no ashtrays in our spot today, but there were also remarkably few cigarette butts in evidence. Could it be that our kind finally won out in the end?); so we walked over to my building and went inside so I could show her my spacious, tricked-out window cubicle. Isn't this nice? This is the kind of work environment that gainfully employed people get to enjoy, little sister.

"When do you get an office with a door?" she asked.

October 31 falls on a Friday this year. I wonder if I can get away with wearing my costume to work? The guys probably won't end up having to work from home, and the carpet is industrial-grade, so it should be fine. I can't wait!

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At September 29, 2008 12:24 PM, Blogger southboulevard said...

Interesting...the smoking war may never end I fear. Even if our side is winning, I know the smokers are scheming in a cubicle somewhere...or a poorly ventilated bathroom stall.

I like to think that our side has rebounded from the mass exodus which occurred a few years back. Also, I believe we have each been replaced with a similar member. Ahh, I can see it now: *Willy, Bob, and Liz are happily sitting at the break spot wondering why their faithful 3MBG friend is absent* *Willy burps* *Dustin appears from around the corner. He trips over a sprinkler head sticking out of the poorly landscaped grounds, comments on the crappy maintenance, and then imitates the obese employees in the building*


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