Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Day Off

Could this weather be any more perfect?

Well, if you're not in Austin, you wouldn't know. So no, it couldn't.

My boss gave me the day off today. I was already planning to meet a good friend and former coworker for lunch; we get together maybe once a month or so, but an hour is never long enough, is it?

Two hours is much, much better. More than twice as good. I know that doesn't make mathematical sense, but it's true.

The rest of the day is given to sweeping up and rearranging the plants in what is becoming a really lovely little front porch garden. I'm so happy with it. Isn't this nice?

I have several new additions, courtesy of my ex-mother-in-law (listen, I don't turn down plants from anybody). I now have a big pot full of rather scraggly bromeliads, a scragglier fern (hanging from the mailbox, for the moment; it needs to be repotted not because it's rootbound, but because the pot it's in is plastic and green and very ugly), a pineapple plant, and a climbing spinach plant - very handy if I happen to feel peckish and don't want to make the grueling fifteen-foot trek to the kitchen.

And what cozy porch garden would be complete without a snoozing Romeo?

What a perfect day off.

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