Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

Robbie, if you're hung over, don't look at the picture.

Our hostess commented a few times on how there weren't enough people at her party, which she said she got roped into having by some very persuasive people from her gym, who had shown up for five minutes before heading out to go somewhere livelier. But the party was just the right speed as far as I was concerned: a very pleasant mix of people I did and did not know, quiet enough for conversation, and plenty of champagne for everyone. Also there were brownies. "I've had three!" the hostess announced, giggling, when we arrived. "I think I need a drink."

She had the TV on playing dance music, which started an interesting conversation among those of us in the living room who noticed that it seemed to have been playing the same song for about 45 minutes. "Dance music doesn't make ideal background music for sitting around talking," someone remarked.

I started describing an idea I once had - I think I may have written about it before - to come out with a CD of party background noises. There would be a cocktail party track, with some light jazz piano, the clink of glasses, and well-modulated voices discussing things like art and literature and the theater. And there would be a frat kegger track, with a bad garage band, shouting and laughing, and the occasional sounds of retching, scuffle, and breakage. Or any other kind of party you can think of. The idea, I explained, is that your party guests will unconsciously adjust their behavior to fit whatever kind of background sounds are playing. It's called psychology, you see.

"People would hate that," said a friend of mine, "they would think it was really weird and stupid and they would leave."

"They couldn't," I retorted. "The party would be in a sealed room. No one would be allowed to come in or go out."

"Well, what about the people who are already there?" he asked.

Some people are so literal-minded!

He did come up with a couple of good ideas, though, like having a track with people saying "This party blows" and "I'm really bored," if you enjoy feeling bad about yourself, and - much more importantly - a "party's over" ending to each party track that you could put on when you're tired and want everyone to go home, with people yawning and saying things like, "Gosh, look at the time!"

Or, for a quick wrap-up of the festivities, you could play the "Oh shit, it's the cops!" track, though that might make for a bit of an odd ending to, say, afternoon tea in the garden.

We counted down to midnight and Tony kissed me soundly. I hugged him tight. I love him so much! "What, no tongue?" I demanded.

Have a blessed, peaceful and very happy 2008! Muchas smooches! Now go eat some black-eyed peas.

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At January 02, 2008 7:58 PM, Anonymous RDub said...

new blog please! make it long enough to when I pull your page up I don't have to see those damn peas every time. Thanks


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