Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Sister from Outer Space

"Did you read that it's supposed to be a really good year for the Geminids?" I asked Margie tonight. "They're supposed to peak on December 13 and 14. I wish I could find a date to watch them with. Wouldn't it be romantic, lying on a blanket on the grass together, out in the middle of nowhere, as shooting stars streak across the sky?"

"Well, if you can't find somebody by then," said my sister, "how about we go camping?"

"Really? That would be great!" I said. "Do you have a tent?"

"I do!" Margie exclaimed. "Well, you know. As long as it doesn't rain!"

I looked at her a bit oddly, so she elaborated. "It's fine, just missing that part, what's it called, that part on top that covers it up..."

I looked at her some more.

"It's a sleeping bag," she said.

Who's up for a meteor shower?

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