Thursday, April 06, 2006


You can't keep a secret from your massage therapist. A massage is like truth serum - the knots come untied, the tension melts away, the endorphins get to flowing, and next thing you know you're singing like a canary. Who needs torture when you've got massage?

I mean that in a good way, of course.

A couple of weeks ago I damn near pulled the muscles in my right calf clean off in a freak puddle-jumping accident. My leg was getting gradually better until yesterday, when, dodging a car on Riverside (you know you envy my action-film lifestyle), I re-sproinged it in a most agonizing fashion. Yesterday and today I could barely hobble.

Ugh. So uncool. Action heroines are never gimpy!

So I looked up the wonderful massage therapist who gives weekly chair massages at my old old employer (not the bad one, the one before that). She used to work there as well, before becoming a massage therapist - she was a meeting planner like me, but left a couple of years before I became one. I visited her every week during my last pregnancy, but I hadn't seen her since Anna was born almost five years ago now, so it was such a treat to visit and catch up, and gossip about people we hadn't seen in 15 years...

And of course there are the things that have happened in the interim that I really didn't mean to go on and on about, but couldn't seem to keep my mouth shut: losing my mom; being traumatized by the Corpus employer; ... maybe one or two other things I won't get into here. Or three or four. Oh, but it was lovely. Judith so kindly gave me an hour and a half for the hour price! I left feeling happy, loopy, and dazed, and so completely relaxed that I wasn't sure I was okay to drive.

My leg is still just slightly stiff but much better. I can walk! I can walk!

Let's just hope it doesn't rain again for a while, because I'm under strict orders to avoid puddles. Oh yeah, and also I'll need to close down Riverside Drive for a couple of weeks until I'm fully recovered. Sorry for any inconvenience.


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