Thursday, December 19, 2013

Looks Like We're Gonna Need a Stronger Constitution

Wait a minute, it just hit me right this second as I was firing up the laptop - Duck Dynasty airs on A&E?

Didn't A&E use to stand for some phrase or other that had the word "arts" in it?

Guess I haven't watched TV in a while.

Not long ago, if you'll recall, many people honestly believed it was unconstitutional to refuse to buy sandwiches from Chick Fil-A. This puzzled me. I mean, presumably it was okay for me not to buy their product simply on the grounds that I thought it tasted like ineptly-reconstituted Naugahyde. But throw a political agenda into the mix and suddenly you have a civic obligation to support a business in which you previously had no particular interest, just because now you disagree with their officially stated opinions.

By extension, I assume the First Amendment also requires you to vote for candidates whose platforms you oppose, because otherwise you're suppressing their freedom of expression.

There's not much use going into the finer points of the First Amendment here. You already understand it. You can try explaining it to Duck Dynasty and Chick Fil-A fans, but I don't think modern technology has come up with words of fewer than one syllable yet.

Better just to take some Tums and go to bed.

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